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Welcome friends!

I'm Catherine, a fusion belly dancer based in London and Essex. Here, you can learn about my classes, workshops, and performances. You'll also find out a little bit more about the different styles of belly dance that I teach (raqs sharqi, fusion and ITS) as well as about my background and passions.

I'm so looking forward to dancing with you soon!


Weekly classes is Colchester - every Wednesday 6:30-7:30

Workshop: 2 March 2024 - Fusion Belly Dance Fundamentals

Learn to dance

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Workshops are the ideal way to bring a group together and perhaps try something new. Here you can book current workshops for a variety of dance styles and levels, or you can get in touch to organise your own workshop local to you.

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One-to-one lessons are the perfect way to make leaps and bounds with your dance journey, with personally tailored training to help you achieve your goals. 


Join my weekly fusion belly dance class in Colchester!

This class covers the basics of fusion belly dance dance so it is perfect for beginners or enthusiastic intermediates looking to tune up their skills - everyone is welcome!


Idalia is a creative space  where dance is not just an art form, but a journey of self-discovery and collaboration. Here you can find out more about both the Idalia Student Group and the Idalia Collective.

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Get ready for the ultimate dance experience! Dive deep into the world of stagecraft over two incredible weekends. This intensive isn't just about choreography; it's about honing your skills, expressing emotions, and becoming an extraordinary performer. 

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Do you have a performance coming up? I am also available to create a bespoke choreography for you, taking into account your dance style and ability. Find out more here.

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What people have said about my teaching <3
Catherine's classes are super fun, challenging and inclusive. I've taken both technique courses and performance workshops with her and thoroughly enjoyed all of them! I particularly love her combos and the way she interprets music. I always recommend Catherine to anyone looking for a dance teacher in London.



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